19. Sales and Education Executive [외국계 뷰티사]


모집부문 및 자격요건

담당업무 자격요건 인원
  1. Sales Support
  2. Marketing Support
  3. Supervision and Team Management of Beauty 
  4. Advisors
  5. Counter Coaching
  6. Orientation / Basic New hires training
  7. Spend minimum 70% of time in-store, working and coaching BAs

•    B.A degree with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience, preferably 

     in the travel retail industry

•    Well groomed
•    Good organization and communication skills
•    Good presentation skills – comfortable with virtual tools such as Zoom, 

      Skype in addition  to in-person presentations.

•    Display empathy, agility with can-do attitude
•    Proficient in MS Office and Excel
•    Comfortable/Enthusiastic learning new technology platforms
•    Willingness to travel 
•    Proven sales track record

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