23. Marketing & Communications Manager [해외 럭셔리 자동차브랜드]

모집부문 및 자격요건

모집부문 담당업무 자격요건 인원
Marketing & Communications Manager


[Job Summary]

1. Will be responsible for all aspects of marketing for certain automotive brand, including the retailer network.
2. He/She will be he main interface between the factory in Crewe, the Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore and the Marketing Managers at Retailers in Korea
3. He/She will formulate and execute the overarching marketing strategy for Korea, which includes national events, paid media, digital, regional press and PR, product launches and CRM

[Main Responsibilities]

1. Manage and plan the strategic and tactical marketing/communications plans, maxmizing profitability potentials to support the company objectives
2. Monitor retailer marketing & communications activities to ensure that they are brand compliant and according to the brand's pasion points and values
3. Steer retailers' fulfilment of marketing elements of variable retailer margin
4. Implement and steer PR/Communications for the sub-hub to improve brand saliency and achieve the brand's central PR objectives
Manage the brand and product campaign content planning for the region together with Product & Pricing, CX and creative agencies

**자동차 업계에서의 마케팅 경력(6년 이상)은 필수 요건입니다 



자동차 업계 마케팅 경력(6년 이상 11년 이하)

학력사항: 대학교(4년)졸업 이상
직무기술: 마케팅전략
기타: 자동차 업계 마케팅 경력자


전공계열: 상경계열

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