29. Brand Marketer [유명 외국계 게임사]

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브랜드 마케팅


  • Engage in the local marketing of our games and IP products, promote brand awareness, and acquire users by planning and implementing online and offline marketing campaigns in respective regions.
  • Plan, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns according to product and respective local user characteristics.
  • Expand and explore new cross-industry collaboration opportunities with existing/new partners and vendors in the respective local market.


    • 5+ years of working experience in local game marketing strategies and familiar with local game distribution. 
    • Native-level Korean and business proficient English or Chinese. 
    • Great communication and team management skills; self-driven and willing to take initiative at work.
    • Loves to play video games; enthusiasm in anime is preferred.

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  • 고용형태: 정규직
  • 급여조건: 연봉 협의 후 결정

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  • 접수방법: 인크루트 채용시스템
  • 접수양식: 인크루트 이력서

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